144 DAN MAHLE: “Real Men Cry”

Our society teaches men to bottle up their emotions, to abandon intimacy and connection in order to avoid looking weak. In his article “Unlocking the Power of Tears,” Dan Mahle says it’s time to accept that real men cry. “What most men truly want is to feel loved, connected and alive. Far too often we allow our shame to keep us distant, detached, and depressed.”

Today, men around the world are co-creating a new story of masculinity and discovering the power of healthy vulnerability. “When we learn to lean into our fears and celebrate our failures,” Dan says, “we discover what it means to live a life of deep connection and fulfillment–as wholehearted men.” From relationship advice to current events, Dan’s blogs and features explore these issues and more at his site www.wholeheartedmasculine.org.

This episode is a special preview of our upcoming summer series with the Good Men Project…stay tuned! Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com and share your personal story of triumph with the hashtag #getboldtoday on social media.

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Posted on June 9, 2015 in Episodes

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