111 CAMERON CONAWAY: “The Warrior Poet”

A remarkable journey of courage and self-reflection, “Caged” is the true story of a troubled young man who seeks inner peace in the world of mixed martial arts fighting. “It was my path to becoming a man,” says author Cameron Conaway. “I’m still finding my way as a poet and lover of life.”

“Caged” illuminates how two seemingly disparate passions helped a struggling boy blossom. When Cameron identified himself as a professional MMA fighter, he was called an “idiot” and a “typical dumb jock.” When he identified as a poet, he was called “gay” and a “pussy.” Through contemplative practice and guidance from mentors, he decided to continue his pursuit of both. “For me, poetry was the study of opening doors.”

Dubbed “The Warrior Poet” by social justice advocate Madeline Kiser, Cameron is currently a creative writing instructor at Penn State-Brandywine. The former executive editor of The Good Men Project, his most recent book is the acclaimed “Malaria, Poems.” You can follow him on Twitter @cameronconaway. His website is www.cameronconaway.com. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com

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Posted on April 5, 2015 in Episodes

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