091 VICTORIA HOLT: “Healing Sexual Addiction”

When high arousal meets low self-esteem, it’s a dangerous zone that can ruin your life. An acclaimed author and soul teacher, Victoria Holt shares a deeper understanding of the devastating depths many sex and love addicts experience. “It really is about re-establishing a sacred bond with yourself. Every dark story has a spiritual lesson to teach us.”

In a world where 25% of all web searches are porn-related, nearly 12 million people suffer from the ravages of sex addiction. When sex has become addictive, it is used compulsively to “numb-out,” get a “high,” or both.

  • • Have you lost control over your sexual behaviors? Have you crossed lines you didn’t think you would cross?
  • • Have you experienced negative consequences (such as the loss of a relationship, being less productive at work, or spent less time with family or friends) because of your sexual behavior?
  • • Have you tried to stop any sexual behaviors but eventually returned to them?

Today on BOLD, Victoria’s compassionate approach will hopefully open your eyes­–and your heart. Victoria’s latest book is “Heaven is Here: Living Your Best Life in This World and the Next.”  Her website is www.spiritmediainc.com. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com.

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Posted on February 22, 2015 in Episodes

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