066 CHRIS MICHAELS: “Rebel With A Cause”

“No one’s here to be ordinary or dull,” says Dr. Chris Michaels, the author of “The Power of You.” “We’re here for full self-expression. No religion can restrict that.”

In this invigorating conversation, LeGrande interviews Chris about the true meaning of non-conformity, being bold and living out loud. “You’re Jimmy Fallon meets Joel Osteen,” LeGrande says to Chris. “You give us a new look at spirituality that’s not stodgy and old-fogey. I love that!”

The founder of the Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City, Chris is a life coach, speaker, educator and counselor. He has helped thousands of people understand the basic spiritual principles that govern life.

“We need a God 2.0. We need an updated version that supports the idea of Love. I have a new explanation for G-O-D. It is really a power that has no limit and a love that has no condition.”

Chris is the co-author of several daily journals including: Practice the Presence, The Prosperous Life, and Spirit is Calling. His first book, Your Soul’s Assignment is available at bookstores nationwide. His website at www.chrismichaels.net. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com.

Posted on December 16, 2014 in Episodes

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